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Exceed is an expert PPC management agency to help promote your products/services to people searching on Google, Bing & Yahoo!

What Is Paid Search?

Paid search is a form of digital marketing that allows advertisers to promote their products and services to users searching on Google, Yahoo!, Bing and more. With users typing or voice searching, their intent is clear, increasing the chances of them clicking on an ad that meets what they're searching for. With such strong intent shown by the user, it's no surprise that this form for paid media marketing is the backbone of paid media advertising and produces excellent results.

Why Paid Search?

Whether your goal is to boost traffic to your website, generate leads or increase sales, paid search is an instant and inexpensive way to target the right audience at the right time. The best part? You only pay when someone clicks your ad – so your money isn’t wasted on irrelevant traffic. With over 40,000 searches being processed through Google's search engine every second, there are millions of opportunities for your brand to be discovered by potential customers.

asked questions.

Common questions asked by you, answered by our team

Sure, you could run a search campaign on your own. But our expert touch could take you from a new entry to a top contender in a matter of months. Instead of struggling to figure it out on your own, our team are veterans in guiding your business to online success.
To get your business in front of as many people as possible, you need to be present wherever your customers are searching. As the second largest search engine in the world, Bing ads is another advertising channel we’ve mastered with our skilled expertise. If you want to expand beyond Google, we know how to get you there.
A number of factors can influence the total cost from competition to cost per click. For businesses that want support from an agency, we usually recommend starting with us once your advertising spend begins to surpass £5,000 per month.

Our Profit-Driven Approach

Once we've understood your business, customers, competitors and paid media campaign goals, we'll thoroughly assess your existing performance to identify opportunities to improve on whilst also understanding what has worked well. We'll also ensure your campaign performance is being tracked properly and advise if any changes are needed.
Utilising the data collected in the audit, competitor analysis and in combination with our expertise in the industry, we'll present a tailored strategy for your business to hit its goals via PPC. We'll set attainable targets and present a timeline of work to be undertaken to generate the profit you crave.
Once you've approved the strategy and timeline, we'll put our expertise to use with clever and layered campaigns that hit your audience at the right stages to make your business exceed. We'll prospect to the right target market and funnel them through to sale/booking assisted by detailed remarketing campaigns.
Once you're getting traffic and sales/leads coming in, we'll measure how the numbers stack up against the initial KPI's we agreed upon. We'll identify opportunities to scale to drive further sales/leads whilst also cutting out the poor traffic and ad spend to improve your profitability.
Nothing is ever complete and that statement applies to all paid media campaigns. Once your campaigns are on track and hitting the right KPI's, we'll test deeper elements of your campaigns to find those incremental gains that make your paid media campaigns better than ever.
We're an honest and transparent bunch here at Exceed. We'll set up a custom dashboard for you to track progress whilst setting up a reporting schedule that allows you to understand the different layers to your campaigns. With direct access to your paid media specialist, you can stay in touch regularly to update them on your business or quiz our team on anything paid media.

Brands We've Grown

These ambitious brands grew their profits by trusting Exceed. You should too.

Why Choose Exceed For Your PPC Marketing?

award winning experts

Award Winning Experts.

We've been recognised for our quality of work at multiple digital marketing events, judged by industry experts.

google partners

Google Ads Partner.

Our team are accredited professionals recognised for maximising PPC success across paid media platforms.

free account audit

Free Audit.

Want to know where your current campaigns are going wrong? We'll assess if your current team are doing a good job... for free.

no long term contracts

No Long Term Contracts.

After your initial contract period, we'll let our results talk and give you peace of mind with our standard rolling agreements.

profit not revenue

Profit, Not Revenue.

Revenue is great but what's the point if it doesn't grow your profits? We'll help you increase your bottom line.

bespoke strategy

Bespoke Strategy.

With over 40 years combined experience, we've tried and tested a number of custom strategies to drive success.

daily reporting

Daily Reporting.

Want to know how your budget is being spent? Our custom built dashboard refreshes daily to give the insight you need.

direct access always

Direct Access, Always.

Speak to our paid media specialists directly to speed up communication and get improved results, faster.

Get A Free Audit

Speak to our award winning team to discuss your paid media goals. We'll measure your current campaigns against your objectives and show you how we'll make your profits jump!

Don't Take Our Word For It

We think we're great at PPC, our clients think we're better!

ACAS Electrical

We have been partnering with Exceed for over a year now, and we can confidently say that their service has been nothing short of exceptional.

Yusuf Chunara

Online Marketing Manager

Enjoy Travel

After using many other agencies to handle our PPC unsuccessfully, Exceed’s skill and expertise saw our paid media strategy successfully overhauled and our sales double year on year.

Martin Mansell


Erna Low

Exceed are not only super friendly and pleasant to work with, but they’re also really committed and always an email away for any questions we may have. I would happily recommend Exceed!

Estelle Gadrat

Online Marketing Manager

Heavenly Boxes

Partnering with Exceed has been a major factor in our business's exceptional growth. I can't recommend them enough – they really know their stuff and consistently deliver impressive results.

Mohammed Sheikh


Holiday Cars

I especially appreciate how they keep in touch, sharing updates and ideas for improving performance, listening to our feedback, and then putting our agreed plans into action.

Michel Houthoff

Chief Operating Officer

Learning Roots

Their transparent communication, proactive updates, and impressive results make them an indispensable partner in our business growth.

Zaheer Khatri

Managing Director